Approach/Depart a Buoy/Mooring

Approach/Depart a Buoy/Mooring Purpose-Value: Practice and develop the boathandling skill of approaching and departing from a buoy as if it were a mooring buoy. Setting Up the Drill: Equipment: 4 to 6 buoys (used for Backing Slalom) Conducting the Drill: Each operator selects a slalom buoy, approaches it, and comes to a stop so that…Read More

California Maritime Academy

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Charleston Yacht Club

Charleston, South Carolina (843) 722-4968Read More

Sail Newport

Newport, Rhode Island (401) 846-1983Read More

Greenwich Bay Sailing Association

East Greenwich, Rhode Island (401) 484-7732Read More

Confident Captain/Ocean Pros LL

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Boat Operator and Seamanship School

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Willamette Sailing Club

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SUNY Maritime College

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Oriental's School of Sailing, Inc

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