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About Our Courses

US Powerboating's philosophy is that there is no substitute for practical, hands-on experience. After all, you wouldn't drive a car without taking driver's education so consider us your source for Driver’s Education for BoatersTM.

Our courses are offered at over 100 Course Providers and Powerboat Training Centers around the country and are taught by knowledgeable, professional instructors who are dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your educational experience. With offerings ranging from beginner to advanced, we are sure we have something for everyone.

We strive to emphasize the fun side of boating while ensuring that you feel safe, comfortable and confident!

In addition to practical training, we offer comprehensive books and videos designed to help you learn quickly and easily. As a partner of the United States Coast Guard, we understand the value of high quality education and importance of safe boating practices.

What course is right for me?

Safe Powerboat Handling

Safe Powerboat Handling combines classroom instruction with practical, hands-on experience. This course is run on boats 26 feet and under.

Recommended for:

  • New boaters
  • First-time boat owners
  • Sailing instructors and coaches
  • Race committee crews
  • Advanced boaters looking to brush up on skills
  • Professional mariners
  • Anyone!

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Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling

This course focuses on the practical application of skills, consequently it is NOT approved by the U.S. Coast Guard or the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) as meeting requirements for a state boating safety education certificate.

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Safety & Rescue Boat Handling

Safety & Rescue Boat Handling topics range from equipment, preparation and operator and crew responsibilities during an emergency to the practical techniques used in rescue situations.

Recommended for:

  • Sailing instructors and coaches
  • Race committee crews
  • Mark boat operators
  • First responders

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Mark-Set Boat Handling

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Combination Courses

Typically reserved for more advanced students, our courses can be combined to assist those who have limited opportunity to receive training. Common examples of Combination Courses include: Accelerated Safe Powerboat Handling + Safety & Rescue Boat Handling or Safety & Rescue Boat Handling + Mark-Set Boat Handling.

Powerboat Instructor Courses

We are always in need of skilled Instructors to teach our courses. If you have a passion for teaching others and promoting boating safety, we want to speak with you!

Recommended for:

  • Experienced Boaters
  • Marine Industry Professionals
  • Certified Sailing Instructors

Safe Powerboat Handling Instructor

Cruising Powerboat Instructor


Basic Powerboat Cruising

The Basic Powerboat Cruising course will teach you how to responsibly operate a powered cruising vessel during daylight hours within sight of land in light to moderate wind and sea conditions. This course is run on boats 26 feet and over, with a head, galley, berth, single or twin screwed.

Inshore Powerboat Cruising

Our Inshore Powerboat Cruising course will teach you to responsibly operate a cruising powerboat within sight of land for multiple days in unfamiliar waters.