Basic Powerboat Maneuvers Videos

US Powerboating provides a variety of resources to help boaters educate themselves. Below are a series of videos and animations that depict some of the on-the-water maneuvers all boaters should be able to perform.


After checking an area, approach the anchoring spot slowly, heading into the wind or current, whichever is stronger. Stop the boat and lower the anchor over bow- do not throw it.

The end of the rode should be attached to the boat before releasing the anchor. Let out the anchor line as the boat drifts downwind. If the wind has too little effect, back the boat very slowly while letting the line run out freely. Avoid backing too fast, which could cause the anchor to bounce along the bottom.

When a scope of 5:1 has been let out, wrap the line around the bow cleat and reverse slowly against it until it becomes taut.

Approaching a Mooring Bouy
High-Speed Stop
Holding Position
Leaving a Dock
Minimum Control Speed
Person-in-Water Rescue
Pivot Turn
Rescuing a Capsized Sailboat
Towing Alongside

Boating Knots

Knots are essential to every boater. Below you will find a series of instructional videos that will help you tie some of the more common knots used while boating.

Anchor Bend
Bowline – Tied Around Waist
Bowline – On a Bight
Carrick Bend
Cleat Hitch
Clove Hitch
Double Sheet Bend
Figure Eight
Rolling Hitch
Round Turn & Two Half Hitches
Sheet Bend
Square Knot