Cruising Powerboat Instructor

This is a three-day evaluative course for experienced boat operators.  Most of the time will be spent on the water demonstrating and critiquing boathandling maneuvers and demonstrating and discussing teaching techniques applicable to single and twin-screw cruising powerboats.



US Sailing has implemented a number of COVID-related requirements for anyone attending a course. Please review them carefully before proceeding:

    • More restrictive state guidelines shall supersede any requirements listed below.
    • Candidates located in a low-risk state (a state whose COVID positivity rate has remained lower than 5% for at least 14 days) may attend any seminar in any low-risk state.
    •  Candidates located in a high-risk state (a state whose COVID positivity rate has been greater than 5% at any point during the last 14 days) may attend a course in their state only without testing. Additionally, they must be located within a 200-mile radius of the course location for 14 days prior to coming to the course.
    •  Candidates located in a high-risk state may attend any course, provided that they can produce a negative test result from a COVID-19 test administered no longer than 72 hours before their arrival at the course.
      •  Upon request, test results should be available for review by the US Sailing Instructor Trainer who is teaching the course.
      • Transitory travel: Candidates who are passing through other states on their way to the course are permitted stop in other states, but this exception extends only so long as is reasonably required for the traveler to complete their transit, make any necessary airplane, bus, or train connection, or make use of travel services such as at a highway rest stop.
    • Check the rates here:

    All candidates must self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19 daily starting fourteen (14) days prior to the course using the COVID-19 Screening tool (click here to download).

    • Each person should take their temperature daily prior to arrival at the course. If their temperature is 100.4 degrees or over, the person should not come to the course and should notify their Instructor Trainer (IT) immediately.
    • Candidates must arrive to the course wearing a face covering. Face coverings should always be worn while on land. They should be worn at the candidate’s discretion on the water.
    • If someone feels sick during the course, they should immediately notify their Instructor Trainer and remove themselves from the course area.
    • If an individual has had a documented case of COVID-19, they will need a note from their doctor indicating they are cleared to participate in the course.
    • Candidates must complete the waiver and adhere to social distancing.
    • Candidates will be required to bring their own supplies and equipment. Sharing will not be allowed. Equipment that candidates should bring includes:
      • Mask (CDC face covering Guidelines here)
      • Life Jacket
      • Sunscreen
      • Sailing Gear
      • Whistle
      • Writing utensils and supplies. This includes paper, pens, pencils, and whiteboard markers. Whiteboard markers will not be provided for the course.
    • Absence from any portion of the course excludes the instructor candidate from certification.


Please review the steps below for signing up. The blue buttons on the right will direct you to the necessary step in the registration process.

1. Submit the Course Waiver & Release. If you are a minor, your parent or guardian will also need to sign this. Please note that this is an online-only form. Submit the Course Waiver
2. Download the COVID-19 Screening tool and begin self-evaluating your health 14 days PRIOR to attending the in-person session. Download the Covid 19 Screening tool
3. Download the optional medical form. If you choose to complete this form, please bring it with you to the course. Download the optional 2020 Medical Form


Course Goals

  1. To gain an understanding of the practical skills and knowledge required for Basic Powerboat Cruising and
    Inshore Powerboat Cruising certifications, and the Night Operation Endorsement .
  2. To successfully train, evaluate and certify people to meet the standards for these certifications and endorsement
    in a variety of cruising powerboats 26’ to 52’ long with single screw and/or twin-screws.
  3. To acquire additional information on effective teaching techniques and drills for cruising powerboats courses.


Each course will have two cruising powerboats: a single-screw, and a twin-screw.


Prerequisites for Entrance into the Course

  1. Minimum age of 18 years.
  2. Experienced operator of cruising type powerboats and/or power catamarans.
  3. Ability to perform the practical skills and knowledge to be a Cruising Powerboat Instructor.
  4. Current U.S. Coast Guard license.
  5. Current First Aid and CPR certifications recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard or are in the process of obtaining one.
  6. Current US Sailing membership.
  7. Written resume of any relevant powerboating and teaching experience.
  8. Completed application form accompanied by the course fee.
  9. Completed Medical Form brought to the course and given to the Instructor Trainers before the course begins.
  10. US Sailing Teaching & Coaching Fundamentals : Developed in conjunction with the US Olympic Committee (USOC), this course gives the building blocks of good instructional practices for becoming an effective educator on and off the water. A guide on how to complete the course can be found here and a few Frequently Asked Questions are answered here.
  11.  SAFESPORT:   This program, developed by the US Olympic Committee, is required training for all Instructors. This requirement is also being put in place for other National Governing Bodies. This free online training course must be completed every 2 years. Instructor certification is not active unless SafeSport training has been completed.


(Have your US Sailing member ID ready before starting)



Materials will be sent directly to instructor candidates. To allow time to study course materials, US Sailing must receive registration and course fees at least one week prior to the course.

Successful Completion of the Course

Cruising Powerboat Instructors are expected to perform all practical skills of the Basic Powerboat Cruising and Inshore Powerboat Cruising certifications, and the Night Operation Endorsement to a higher proficiency level than that required for receiving them; and to be able to explain the appropriate knowledge concepts for these certifications.

  1. In the courses, instructor candidates will demonstrate Cruising Powerboat Instructor skill level,
    knowledge and seamanship, and explain key teaching points in the following areas:
    ·        Operation and inspection of boat systems and equipment
    ·        Leaving and/or returning to a dock or slip with and without a bow thruster
    ·        Using a spring line when leaving or returning to a dock or slip
    ·        Backing into a slip
    ·        Backing along a course always maintaining control
    ·        Maintaining throttle and speed control at minimum control speed
    ·        Close-quarters maneuvering and pivot turns
    ·        Anchoring with a single and/or two anchors
    ·        Picking up a mooring
    ·        Simulated person in the water rescues
    ·        Simulated emergency procedures: engine failure, fire, sinking, grounding
    ·        Using dinghy management while docking
    ·        Using a GPS to establish and maintain a course, and to arrive at a determined lat/long position
    ·        Using radar to take a bearing, measure distance, and determine a boat’s position using circular lines of position (if boat has radar)
  2. Demonstrate the use of appropriate knots and line handling.
  3. Perform effective communications, demonstrations, command and control.
  4. Demonstrate a professional attitude and conduct.
  5. Have a working knowledge of the Cruising Powerboat certification system.
  6. Receive a successful evaluation from the Instructor Trainers.

Course Fees

Cancellation Policy

  • Course fees are nonrefundable.
  • For cancellations more than 4 weeks before the course date, the fee is transferable to another course.
  • For cancellations within the 4 week period, ½ of the course fee will be transferable to another course.
  • For no-shows, 100% of the course fee is forfeited.
  • If US Powerboating or the host venue cancels the course, 100% of the course fee will be refunded or transferred to another course.

Course Outcomes

Passing: The instructor candidate has successfully completed the required practical skills and any written tests, and received a successful evaluation from the Instructor Trainers.

Plan of Improvement: The instructor candidate has not yet successfully completed all the requirements and has been given a specific Plan of Improvement to complete within a specific time frame. Arrangements for re-testing and the completion of a Plan of Improvement must be done through US Sailings Powerboat Training Coordinator. The responsibility for completion of a Plan of Improvement rests with the instructor candidate.

Failing: The instructor candidate did not come close enough to meeting the evaluative criteria at the time of the course to be given a Plan of Improvement or did not complete the specifics in the Plan of Improvement that was given.

Plan of Completion: Instructor Trainers were unable to complete the evaluation; therefore the instructor candidate must complete the course at a later date. Arrangements for completion must be done through the office within 90 days of the course date, and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Validation of Cruising Powerboat Instructors
Validation of a Cruising Powerboat Instructor will be for three years, providing First Aid, CPR and US Sailing membership are kept current. Instructor validation is renewed every three years.

Course Calendar

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