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Whether you are a lifelong boater looking to brush up on your skills or have never been on the water before, we have opportunities available for you! Use this tool to locate hands-on boating courses in your area today. If you do not see a boating course posted in your region, please contact our office so that we may direct you to a Course Provider.

Use the calendar below to find a boating course in your area. Contact information and registration information for our Course Providers can be found with each course listing.  Type the keyword you are looking for in your search.  The results will show immediately.  If you hit return, it will reset the search bar and show you all courses.

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Contact us for more information. We will happily direct you to a local Course Provider or put you in contact with a local Certified Powerboat Instructor.

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We offer a range of boating courses for individuals of all skill levels. Our hands-on, on-the-water courses get you out of the classroom and behind the wheel for an educational experience unlike any other! Our boating courses are offered around the country and all are open to the public.