Safety, Rescue & Mark-Set Boat Handling

This 10- to 12-hour hands-on, on-the-water course is for anyone who will be operating a mark-set boat for a race, regatta or event. An operator of a mark-set boat is expected to be able to perform safety, rescue and mark-setting operations. This course is the same as the Safety and Rescue Boat Handling Course, except for the addition of a Mark-Set Boat module. Participants learn:

On-the-Water Sessions

  • VHF radio communications
  • Boat rescues, incl. capsizes
  • Person in Water rescue
  • Towing: astern & alongside
  • Williamson turn
  • Steering a range in/outbound
  • Intercepting & maintaining position with moving vessel
  • Use of bearings & GPS
  • Search pattern
  • Taking wind readings
  • Setting & moving marks using range/bearing & GPS
  • Setting a starting line & gate

Classroom Sessions

  • Weather & water briefings
  • VHF radio procedures
  • Safety & rescue equipment & procedures
  • Towing concepts
  • Search patterns concepts
  • Plotting a position
  • Calculating tides & currents
  • Race support boat equipment & procedures
  • Effects of wind & current
  • Race course configurations

Prerequisites: Safe Powerboat Handling certificate & proficient boathandling skills
Suggested Age: 12–adult
Certification(s) Earned: Safety and Rescue Boat Handling certificate, Mark-Set Boat Handling certificate

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