Hosting a Safe Powerboat Handling Course

Safe Powerboat Handling courses can be a rewarding experience for both the individual and the host organization. Our courses offer multiple benefits to a club or organization:

  • Trains your members, dock staff and sailing instructors how to safely operate a small powerboat
  • Reduce accidents and injuries
  • Liability and safety for your members, sailing instructors, students, etc.
  • Generate revenue
  • Insurance discounts available for personal boat owners

US Sailing/US Powerboating is happy to work one-on-one with your organization to make sure your powerboat program gets off the ground smoothly. We are dedicated to offering the nation’s best on-the-water training courses and ensuring the safety of boaters and sailors across the country.

 Here is what you will need to host a course:

  • 3-5 Powerboats 15’-26’
  • A classroom that can accommodate up to 10 students
    • Projector or A/V capability recommended; chalkboard/whiteboard required
  • 4-6 marks w/ground tackle for on-the-water drills

Step 1: Find and Hire a Certified Instructor

US Powerboating provides a database of Certified Powerboat Instructors.  If an Instructor is not listed in your state, US Powerboating will work with you to find an Instructor and bring them to your facility. The host organization is responsible for arranging payment with the instructor they choose to hire. Some instructors may volunteer to teach the course, however, this is not the norm. Freelance instructors have control over what is charged for teaching services. Some decide on a per-student rate and others have a set fee that they charge for each course regardless of the number of students. Oftentimes it is helpful to look at other similar courses being offered in the area and base your rate on the industry standard. Speak directly with the instructor in question to determine what arrangement will work best for you and your clientele.

Step 2: Order Student Materials

Student materials can be ordered by contacting the US Sailing Merchandise Manager.

(401) 342-7900.

Step 3: Registration

Registration for the course is handled internally by the host facility. Most clubs and organizations run registration for Safe Powerboat Handling just as they would for their junior sailing programs. Organizations may choose the price they wish to charge for the course. This flexibility will help you cover the cost of the student materials and instructor fees.

Step 4: Run the course!


Should you have any questions or would like further details on the information provided here, please contact us!

Karen Davidson

Adult Program Operations Manager

US Sailing / US Powerboating

Main: (401) 342-7900

Direct: (401) 342-7934