High-Speed Turns


  • Practice and develop the boat handling skill of turning safely at high speeds.

Setting Up the Drill:

  • Boats transition to high speed turns in the Follow the Leader drill.
  • Alternatively, a Type IV throwable device is deployed and boats perform high speed turns using the Williamson Turn.

Conducting the Drill:

  • Trainer leads operators in the Follow the Leader drill at high speed while making a variety of turns, including 45-degree turns, circles, and a series of figure-eights.
  • During the turns, operators practice turning the boat safely at high speed without sliding, inducing propeller ventilation, or rolling the boat too much.

Teaching Tips:

  • Emphasize the importance of making steady and deliberate turns to maintain control of the boat and avoid oversteering.
  • For advanced operators, a Williamson Turn at high speed can be used to test ability to maintain a constant turn radius in both directions with deliberate and steady turns.

Common Errors:

  • Oversteering and overturning in the turns.
  • Not maintaining speed.


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