Forward Slalom


  • Practice and develop the boat handling skill of controlling the boat when making a series of turns in forward gear.
  • Apply the pivot point principle while turning through the slalom.

Setting Up the Drill:

  • Equipment: 4 to 6 buoys
  • Trainer sets 4 to 6 buoys in a row about 4 boat lengths apart aligned with the wind or current (whichever is stronger).

Conducting the Drill:

  • Operators rendezvous and hold position to leeward and port of the line of buoys.
  • An operator proceeds through slalom, exits slalom at windward buoy and returns to rendezvous point.
  • Start second boat as soon as first boat clears the course.

Teaching Tips:

  • For beginning operators, have each perform the drill one at a time.
  • For more advanced operators, can have up to two operators performing the drill at the same time.

Common Errors:

  • Oversteering and overturning in the turns.


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